Our client the leader in the Healthcare industry is seeking a Clinical Staffing analyst is responsible for staffing, floating, calling in and flexing staff for each shift. This position is an independent decision maker regarding the development of daily labor allocation plans and actions to apply the organization’s staffing and scheduling policies and any other contractual constraints. The Clinical Analyst works in close collaboration with nursing supervisors and executives to ensure staffing meets requirements/expectations and understands the relationship between staffing to core, minimum, peak and nurse patient ratios. This individual should possess excellent communication skills and a demonstrated track record of delivering results and attaining goals.
GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES (The essential responsibilities and accountabilities of this position including interactions with other departments and outside vendors, if applicable, in PRIORITY order.)
• Responsible for the execution of the organizational methodology of labor allocation via staffing of employees
• Responsible for collaborative interfacing with appropriate resources for the creation of daily labor allocation plans, communication of plans to unit and facility leadership and execution of plans at the unit level through the enforcement of the organization’s staffing model 
• Responsible for following contractual requirements specific to the unit/specialties and/or facility 
• Effectively utilizes Full-time, Part-time, PRN, and Contract Labor staff understanding the associated impact on costs, patient care, and employees
• Works with Nursing Supervisors to collaboratively develop action items to facilitate efficient and effective coordination of staffing and patients
• Appropriately prioritize staffing needs and requests when staffing the units
• Monitors real-time/daily/monthly/unit productivity and collaborates with unit leaders in meeting staffing needs and productivity standards
• Works with HealthTrust to fill staffing needs with agency staff
• Validates competencies, experience, and or certification/licensure of staff being scheduled
• Ensures Staffing Grid accuracy
• Mastery of all Information Systems associated with staffing and labor management 
• Produces accurate documentation and data entry that reflects the efforts, communications, and processes associated with filling staffing needs
• Strong Communication skills as demonstrated by proactive communications with key customers and the ability to establish realistic expectations and communicate difficult decisions/information 
• Responsible for completing tasks in a fast paced environment
• Escalates issues to WPC Manager and Director as necessary
• Builds and maintains strong, effective working relationships with a variety of stakeholders
• Practices and adheres to the “Code of Conduct” philosophy and “Mission and Value Statement”
RELEVANT WORK   (Minimum amount of specifically related experience which is required to perform the role at this level. 
EXPERIENCE                 Note in Other additional specific exp.) 
  Less than 1 year
  1+ years
  3+ years
  5+ years
  7+ years
  10+ years
  15+ years
  Other preferred/required experience: 
MANAGEMENT  (Minimum amount of specifically related experience which is required to perform the role at this level.
EXPERIENCE       Note in Other additional specific exp.)
  Less than 1 year
  1+ years
  3+ years
  5+ years
  7+ years
  10+ years
  15+ years
  Other preferred/required experience: 
EDUCATION   (Minimum formal academic training which typically provides the knowledge and skills necessary for successful job performance.
Note in Other if experience may be substituted.)
  High School Graduate/Equivalent
  Associate’s Degree Required
  Bachelor’s Degree Preferred
  Bachelor’s Degree Required
  Master’s Degree Required
  Doctorate Degree Required in _______________
  Medical Doctorate (MD) Required
  Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Required
  Technical Training
  Other as Noted: Nursing
OTHER/SPECIAL QUALIFICATIONS  (Required licenses, certificates, specific skills, personal traits, e.g., RN, CPA, able to type 90 wpm, detail orientation.)
• Registered Nurse preferred with at least 5 years of experience, but will consider equivalent hospital staffing experience
• Experience with hospital staffing preferred
• Experience must support the successful management and execution of nurse and support resources staffing models to specific facilities, units, shifts and specialties. 
• Preferred experience in Collective Bargaining environments
• Strong skills in Microsoft Word and Excel 
• Ability to readily master new software
• Basic computer hardware; printer, key board, copy/scanning equipment, telecommunication devices
PHYSICAL DEMANDS/WORKING CONDITIONS   (Specific statements of physical effort required and description of work environment; e.g., prolonged sitting at CRT., required travel %)
• Ability to sit and or stand throughout shift assignment 
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